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About Us
Daxchain was founded in 2019 as a cryptocurrency exchange platform where both individuals and merchants can perform cryptocurrency-related operations. Our ever improving and well-established blockchain technology enables us to provide fast and safe transactions, while our monitoring tools provide reliable protection from all types of fraud related sources.
Our Mission
Daxchain’s mission is to provide excellent service to its customers by means of technological innovation, versatile funding options, low fees and rigorous security standards. We aim to develop a user-friendly platform that would allow everyone to benefit from everything that cryptocurrencies do. Whether it is payments, trading or investment, we will make it even more accessible then ever. When you choose Daxchain, we aim to make you feel as a part of a crypto community from the very beginning. Moreover, we realise that it’s a common to have multiple crypto platforms to manage the funds, where every platform has its own unique features. This is why we are constantly expanding our line of products to eventually unite all of the features under one platform.
Simple Mode & Payment Solutions
After successful launching of API Payment method Daxchain Team has started the development of the QR code payment method. It enables merchants to receive fast crypto transactions from all wallets registered outside Daxchain. Many of our clients have already appreciated the convenience of QR code payment method as it facilitates transfers of crypto currencies between crypto wallets. The latest development among all of Daxchain’s services is Crypto Withdraws which perfectly suits any type of online businesses. Currently there is a huge demand on the market for making withdrawals in cryptocurrency. This is why we have wasted no time developing our own crypto withdrawal solution. On the other hand, we always try to make all features look easy. This is why we have changed all UX design for Simple mode. Now you all can use our user-friendly pages for any action you need.
Redesign & Services
We believe that design plays a huge role in branding of any product.  Our team of web design specialist sees design as a never-ending process.  So we created all new design for all customers’ pages. New UX/UI brings a lot of new features from reducing the steps to buy cryptocurrency to adding new colours to all of the pages. Our UX/UI Team always follows new market trends and is ready to implement in no time.
Just Started
The story behind Daxchain foundation is a huge demand for better crypto payment gateways. For years crypto industry has been viewed as not transparent, high-risk and non-regulated, while the process of operating the cryptocurrencies has been so complicated that even the most loyal followers could not overcome it. We made our goal to develop easy-to-use software for managing crypto assets and our first success didn't ask us to wait for too long. Right from the get-go we have created needful features such as instant deposits, exchange, withdrawals as well as the option to download the transactions history. We also built a huge security shield that is helping our platform to stay safe and secure the funds our customers.
Here you can download our Logo in various formats, so you can pick the one that suits you the most.