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Useful Features
Buy cryptocurrency
To up your crypto wallet with a speed of light. Instant, safe and convenient card deposits. Simple and easy way to buy cryptocurrency via your credit/debit card. In just 2 steps you will get an access to the most popular crypto assets.
Send, Receive and Convert
Send and receive cryptocurrency with no hidden fees. Try out now payments in crypto on the mobile and desktop crypto wallets.
Review portfolio
A quick way to summarize and review your cpyto assets. All in one screen.
Exchange Trade with low fees over 40 cryptocurrency pairs with our advanced trading platform. Easy navigation within selected pairs for fast shifting, charts, graphs and tools provided by TradingView, for better market analysis.

1. First you need to top up your trading account. In order to do so, just click Deposit button in Deposit & Withdraw section, to transfer the necessary amount from your primary crypto wallet.

3. Choose Market order or create your own by inserting amount you would like to buy/sell in any chosen cryptocurrency and put it onto the market for execution.

Prior to that, you may also wish to analyse the chart for correlations as well as to add technical tools for making price prediction.

Review your assets in marvellous and obvious metrics that will show your current asset amount, your assets value in EUR, as well as your portfolio correlation between all of your assets. Also you can review the growth of your portfolio as from the first crypto purchase, so that you can always stay on top of your performance.

In Portfolio section you can find all of your current assets shown in percentage as well in EURO.

Monitor your whole portfolio value to make necessary actions with your crypto assets

Open or close your deals at in advance defined margins or receive notifications when there is something worthwhile on the market. Combine or set a specific order of actions to manipulate current orders or open new ones.

1. Set all necessary sell/buy requests at any time or price that suits you.

2. In case you are looking for an exact price, you can set a notification algorithm, where we can send you a notification by E-mail once the desired price is available.

This you can stay ready for the new up’s and down’s for every pair set.

Navigate between open and closed orders to review real-time results of all of your deals. No need to calculate anything manually. Wide range of filters will do this for you.

1. Choose any period of time for your profitable/unprofitable/active/closed orders to see the actual amount you won/lost.

2. Make a detailed analysis of your trading history that will help you increase your capital.

Paper wallet
Transfer your assets to a paper-wallet, print it out and pay with crypto or receive funds offline. It is also possible to create multiple paper-wallets at a time. In the meantime creation history will stay in account logs. All transfers are protected by U2F. Now available in 7 crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple, Dash, Cardano and Monero.

1. Print out a new paper-wallet with desired amount of funds on it.

2. Let the recipient scan your printed QR Code. Thus you can transfer funds to the relevant crypto wallet.